Our softball team believes that through our love of the game and our love of people we can show the light of Jesus on and off the field.

We are nearing the end of our 2016 season.....

But already can't wait on 2017 season to start!

Our 2016 Youth team:

Back Row left to right: Logan Sapp, Warren Gibbs, Justin McCrimmon, Erick Butler,

Doug Snowden, Chris Slaughter

Back Row left to right: Caitlynn Slaughter, Mark Olds, Robbie Patterson, Seth Fowler, Abby Farmer, Abby Olds, Ashley Tucker

Our 2016 Adult team:

left to right: Kaley Youghn, Trey Dollar, Jason Parks, Cody Barber, Maranda Barber, Shana Claunch, Austin Nickelson, Daniel Spires, Ralph Kinney, Moni Kinney, Ben Snowden, Machelle Roberts, Dominic Austin, Adam Cobb, Chuck McCook, Robbie Dixon.

Our 2015 team:

Back row left to right: Adam Cobb, Robbie Dixon, Doug Snowden, Justin McCrimmon, Ben Snowden, Cody Barber, Daniel Spires

Front row left to right: Nikki Cobb, Courtney Williamson, Abby Olds, Maranda Barber, Moni Kinney, Machelle Roberts.

Kids: Carter Snowden, Kolton Barber, Faith Barber, Chyanne Roberts.

For team info contact: Nikki & Adam Cobb
ancobb13@gmail.com or (229)425-7857

565 Perry House Road,

Fitzgerald, GA 31750

Senior Pastor: Rex Johnson & wife Pam Johnson

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