Jesus is the ultimate chain-breaker, and He desires for you
to walk in freedom. We desire the same at Christian
Fellowship which is why we offer Celebrate Recovery. This
Christ-centered recovery ministry is for any hurt, habit, or
hang-up that hinders your quality of life. This ministry
addresses any and every type of addiction and hurt. What
hinders you? Substance abuse, pornography, overeating,
social media addiction, the way you talk to yourself? Maybe
you are dealing with grief, going through a divorce, or a
darkness that doesn’t seem to lift. Whatever “it” is in your life
this ministry is for you. You will find a judgment-free
environment filled with like-minded people who are seeking a
life of freedom. This program is a safe and confidential place
to heal. Celebrate Recovery meets every Thursday evening.
Free meal from 6:00-6:30, large gathering begins at 6:45,
and small groups are offered afterwards. Childcare is also

“If Jesus sets you free, you will certainly be free!” - John 8:36

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Celebrate Recovery Leaders

Brittnee Clanton
Michelle Collins
Clay Johnson